The economic crisis affecting our country has formed a highly competitive environment that obliges all the factors of the economic activity to be more effective and aim the reduction of the operating costs.

Especially the industries which are functionally dependent on steam generation, debt by innovative interventions in the production process to limit the operating energy cost and therefore the cost of production.

These interventions that enable the exploitation of by-products of the solid residues or wood by-products as alternative fuels have the potential to improve the energy balance, conserve resources and enhance the position of the industry in the domestic and international competitive environment.

In this complex task of exploiting the comparative advantages regarding an industry, within the framework defined by the structures and operational peculiarities of each company, NB ENERGY has the expertise, scientific background and the necessary experience to design and build the appropriate power systems.

NB ENERGY designs, manufactures and installs power plants with steam and hot water from 2 MW to 20 MW and operating pressure up to 20 bar with biomass as a fuel either from by-products as rice husk, peach kernels, excess sludge from waste treatment or in combination with products from wood processing in styles that are available on the market (wood chips, pellet, etc.).