EKTE ATEBE was founded in 1988 in Thessaloniki and has gradually been consolidated as a leading Greek company in large scale construction projects, specializing in industrial buildings. 

Many of Greece’s leading companies in tourism as well as food, paper, wood and furniture industry are included in EKTE ATEBE’s clientele.

Operating as a turnkey contractor on projects all over Greece, EKTE ATEBE maintains its headquarters in Thessaloniki.




EKTE ATEBE’s administrative board consists of it’s two founders and main share holders:



Nikolaos Vagiakos

Mechanical Engineer



Xenofon Bakalis

Civil Engineer


EKTE ATEBE employs highly educated and experienced scientists from all the specialties involved in designing and constructing high quality turnkey projects.


Architectural and bioclimatic design

Three (3) Architects


Architectural Visualization

One (1) Architect


Structural design

Four (4) Civil Engineers


Mechanical and environmental design

Three (3) Mechanical Engineers


Geological Survey

One (1) geologist


On site construction management

Four (4) Civil Engineers, two (2) Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, three (3) Architects, two (2) Infrastructure Engineers


Financial Management

Two (2) Financial Advisors, one (1) Accountant