Industrial Buildings


During its 25 years of operation EKTE ATEBE has successfully delivered a large number of industrial buildings, cold storage warehouses, logistics parks and other specific purpose buildings.  


All clients are provided with turnkey solutions on their projects, which guaranteeshort construction time scales, fixed prices, high quality and respect for norms


Residential projects


Unique architectural design, optimization of space usage and affordable cost, are the main principles that govern EKTE ATEBE’s residential project designs. 


EKTE ATEBE designs and builds mainly large scale housing compounds and apartment buildings. For information on currently available residences please call 2310-553379. 


Hotels and Resorts


As a turnkey contractor EKTE ATEBE undertakes all the stages of building or renovating of hotels and resorts, in constructions that capture the most current needs of today’s business and leisure travelers.  

From the architectural design, that meets with international standardization requirements, to even the furnishings and decoration, EKTE ATEBE can guarantee an harmonic outcome, with dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Biomass Systems


ΕΚΤΕ ΑΤΕΒΕ conscious of the constantly rising fuel prices and the need to protect the environment, designs, constructs and installssteam and hot water production systems that use biomass products as fuel.


Energy unit’s characteristics:



2-20 MW

Working Pressure:

max 20bar

Payout period:

2-3 years


Rise husk

Peach core

Paper pulp

Waste Treatment Sludge

Wood waste chips



Clinics and Health Care Centers


Healthcare projects are some of the most complex in the construction industry.


EKTE ATEBE provides state-of-the-art facilities that meet the technical and innovative needs of the healthcare industry. 



Mechanical installations 


EKTE ATEBE has extensive experience in all kinds of mechanical projects, including:

·        Boiler Systems (steam, diathermic oil, water)

·        Fluid Supply Networks (steam, diathermic oil, water, liquid and gas fuel)

·        Installations regarding air conditioning – ventilation, machinery, fire detection and extinguishing, pump stations, supply – intake vents.

·        Energy saving installations